Reasons to Nominate Your Favorite Business

One Way to Support a Small Business

Small Business Saturday celebrates the heart and soul of our community – our local small businesses! 

Many of the categories for our annual awards celebration recognize the grit it takes to own and operate a small business.

5 Reasons to Nominate a Small Business

  1. Recognition and Credibility: Winning or even being nominated for an award enhances the credibility of a business. It serves as a testament to their excellence, commitment, and innovation. This recognition can significantly boost their reputation in the industry and among customers.

  2. Marketing and Publicity: Awards usually come with publicity, both through the awarding organization and local media. This publicity is often free and can reach a wider audience than the business might typically access. It can lead to increased brand awareness and potentially attract new customers.

  3. Customer Trust and Loyalty: Being nominated or winning an award can strengthen the trust and loyalty of existing customers. It reassures them that they are dealing with one of the best in the field. This can lead to increased customer retention, more repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

  4. Employee Motivation and Attraction: Being recognized with an award can be a great morale booster for employees. It acknowledges their hard work and contributions, which can enhance job satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, it can make the business more attractive to potential top talents looking for employment.

  5. Benchmarking and Improvement: The process of being nominated for an award often involves an evaluation or assessment of the business’s practices and achievements. This can provide valuable insights and feedback, helping the business identify areas for improvement and benchmark itself against competitors.

Nominating a business for an award can offer these many benefits, contributing to its growth, reputation, and operational excellence.

Two Simple Steps

  1. Submit your nomination here. We recommend submitting a business for only one category, but you can nominate as many businesses as you would like! Need more details? We’ve created this nomination booklet just for you!
  2. Whip out your phone and  create a short (less than one minute) video (landscape preferred) to tell us why this company deserves to win this award. Send it to If the file is too large, no worries…reach out for other options.


Yes, it’s okay to nominate yourself! No one knows your business like you do! You can submit your own video…if you’re camera shy, have your employees or clients/customers tell us why you should win.

Sample Videos

Here are a few sample videos:

Celebrate With Us!

Join us for a night to remember on Friday, February 23, 2024, as we celebrate our entire business community …businesses large and small, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who have impacted our community. 

You won’t want to wait to purchase; we sell out every year!

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