In the news: Frisco businesses feeling effects of COVID-19

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Frisco Enterprise asked President/CEO Tony Felker about the impact of COVID-19 on the business community. Looking to help The Frisco Chamber of Commerce knows of the impact COVID-19 is having on businesses. “Without a doubt, all companies are being impacted to some degree,” Chamber President and CEO Tony Felker said. “Some are being impacted on a short-term basis with mandatory working from home, travel bans and other such issues. However, more and more smaller businesses are now being impacted every day, especially those in the hospitality business, event venues and restaurants.” Felker said grocery stores and delivery services are facing a shortage of employees, and that is impacting other areas of the business community. He said the chamber is doing what it can to help. The chamber has created a resource page on its website,, that provides links to information, resources, a job bank, assistance programs and other information to help businesses that are being impacted. Read more... Photo credit: Code Authority

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