What is the importance of Primary Elections?

“Vote here” sign at the voting poll on election day. A duty and civil right of all citizens.

What Are Primary Elections and Why Are They Important?

Many voters are unaware of the importance of voting in every election and often primary elections are overlooked. We hope you will take a few minutes to read this and then take an extra few minutes to go vote on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 (and again each year on primary election day!)

  • Primary Elections help narrow down the candidates for the November election. One news source described it as “the election before the election.”
  • Do I have to be a member of a political party? You don’t have to be a party member to vote in the primary election; however, you do have to choose only one party in which to participate for the primary election and any primary election run-offs that may occur. When you get to the polling place, you will need to decide to vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary.
  • What’s on the ballot? A number of offices are up for votes including seats such as the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Voters will also decide who will represent them on the November ballot in both the State and U.S. capitols, as well as in the County.
  • Why is the election so important? In Texas, November elections are typically “won” during the primary election in March. Our voting districts are pretty regular in political leanings; meaning the primary elections are the battlegrounds.
  • Why is my vote needed? Voter turn-out is generally very low in Primary Elections, meaning fewer people are making these important decisions!
  • Can I vote for any candidate in any party in November? During the general election in November, you may vote for any candidate in any party regardless of how you voted in the Primary Election.


Enter your address in the Know Before You Go section to research your ballot before you head to the polls!

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 1st

Frisco resides in two counties. On election day, Collin County registered voters can vote at any polling location within Collin County. In Denton County, registered voters must vote in their precinct on election day (click the box below to look up precinct number.)

Candidate Forum

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce recently held a Primary Candidate Forum. All candidates for contested races were invited however, not all were able to attend. As a reminder, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates. We do hope you will watch the forum, make an informed decision, and then go vote!

See you at the polls!

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