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2022 has been a busy year for us. We’ve had so many exciting events and activities; we can’t believe how fast it’s gone! If you haven’t had a chance to attend any of our events this year, don’t worry—we still have a few left.

Innovation Luncheon - September 23, 2022

We’ve heard a lot of talk about innovation lately, and we’re all for it. But what do we mean when we say “innovation”?

“Innovation” is a word that gets thrown around a lot—and it can mean anything from a new way to use your phone to something that’ll change how we think about our lives.

So what does innovation mean for Frisco? Well, it’s not just about creating something new. It’s about building on what’s been done before and using it to make things better. It’s about using technology and data to come up with solutions that benefit everyone. And it’s about working together toward a common goal: making Frisco an even better place for people who live, work, and visit.

That’s why we’re so excited about this luncheon! We’re bringing together two innovators from our community: Jason Cooley, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Frisco, and Jasmine Brand, Director of Innovation at the Frisco Economic Development Corporation. They’ll be talking about how they’re helping us shape the future of Frisco—and how you can get involved in ensuring that the future is as bright as possible!

5-Star Golf Tournament - October 31, 2022

Find out if your skills will lead you to victory on the green. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our annual golf tournament is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, network with other Chamber members, do some team-building, and get out on the course for a day of good fun.

This year, we’re going to have the best golf tournament ever! That’s because the tournament is happening on Halloween, which means all our sponsors get the opportunity to play dress-up. You can imagine how much fun it will be for our tent sponsors, as they get to decorate their tents in any way they want and then interact with all of us players throughout the day. We can’t wait!

Sponsors start thinking about how you will decorate your tent for Halloween and how to create some fun interactions with the players.

5-Star Corporate Challenge - November 11, 2022

Everybody has heard about field day at our kid’s school, but did you know that we also host an adult field day? That’s right: it’s called the 5-Star Corporate Challenge.

This event is unlike any other event we host. It’s an opportunity for 20 teams of six from the business community to come together and compete in challenging events like tug-a-war, basketball, dodgeball, golf, lip sync, and so much more.

There’s no better way to bond with your team than by getting out of the office and having some fun. And what better way than to compete as a team against other businesses right here in Frisco.

We’re hosting this event at Sports Academy at The Star, where you will have a blast with your colleagues and other businesses. We’re confident you’ll make new friends and have an experience that will bring you closer together as a team. And the best news is that the winner gets to hang onto the coveted “Chamber Cup” for the entire year.

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We hope you enjoyed this look at our upcoming events. If you’re interested in attending or sponsoring, please visit our events page for more details, or contact me at brian@friscochamber.com. We’re looking forward to seeing you at any of the events we will be hosting throughout the remainder of the year. These events are an excellent opportunity for you to meet new people, build relationships, and learn about what’s happening in the community.

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