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Minor league baseball team playing baseball game with umpire. Batter hits the ball with baseball bat

Baseball fields across America have been closed for over 600 days. Tell Congress to support the Minor League Baseball Relief Act.

The Minor League Baseball Association has asked the Frisco Chamber of Commerce to help in supporting Minor League Teams all across America by encouraging our congressional representatives to support the Minor League Baseball Act. This bill will ensure the survival of minor league baseball from coast to coast. Our very own Frisco Rough Riders are also impacted by this legislation. Below you will see their letter and the call to action. Please take a minute and support Minor League Baseball.

To our fans:

The COVID-19 pandemic hit us and other minor league baseball teams hard. We went more than 20 months without playing a single game, and while we are excited to be playing ball this season, we are still reeling from the impact of the pandemic. We are fighting to survive, and we need your help!

Members of Congress from both parties in the House and Senate have introduced legislation to help keep minor league baseball alive. Please take 1 minute to ask your representatives in Congress to SUPPORT the Minor League Baseball Relief Act, WHICH WILL ENSURE OUR SURVIVAL. All you have to do is visit https://minorleaguebaseballrelief.com, type in your name and address, and a letter will be sent to your Members of Congress asking them to cosponsor this critical legislation. Please help save the Frisco RoughRiders!

Thank you for your support!

Frisco RoughRiders

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