Mentorship – A Two Way Street

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When most people think of the role of a mentor, they often think of the value that is provided to the mentee...perhaps the mentee learns more about a specific industry, gains increased confidence, sets career goals, or all of the above.

While the benefits to the mentee are important and in many cases life-changing, also think about the benefits YOU would receive as a mentor or an intern supervisor.

At the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, many on our staff are currently serving as mentors or have served as a mentors in the past. We also currently supervise three (most amazing!) Frisco ISD interns and can tell you first-hand that the experience is rewarding. For this reason, we created a Mentorship/Intern database to connect the business community with our future workforce. 

If you would like to serve as a Mentor and/or Intern Supervisor, we have a list of students ready and willing to serve. We would like to make a connection!

Mentorship is a two-way street!

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