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Looking for FREE Social Media Help!?

In an earlier post, we shared the ReachYou initiative, which connects students with businesses needing social media help in exchange for volunteer hours.

Here's a quick report on one of many businesses they are helping:

"Two of our students, Omer and Lia reached out to Sable Weir, the owner of a local business, Chop Stop, to set up an appointment, determine the business's needs, and do product photography in order to help promote Chop Stop," shared co-founder of ReachYou, Isabella Tao. "The photos below are some examples of the product photography that they did last month!"

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Original Post:

Workforce Development is very important to the Frisco Chamber of Commerc e as is connecting local students with local businesses in an effort to not only develop the workforce of the future but also encourage an exchange of ideas. We get excited when students come to us with innovative ideas!

See a problem, solve a problem!


ReachYou, an initiative created by a two local high school students, Kavin Pari and Isabella Tao, hopes to help small businesses through the recovery phase of COVID-19 by using student efforts.

"As a high school student, I have seen many of my friends look for service/volunteer hours in desperation, as little opportunity for these come around," said Kavin, a local high school senior and co-founder of ReachYou. "I have also seen the more obvious problem of small businesses during this time and decided to work to find a solution to both problems. This is where this initiative comes in."

This program is designed in a way where students can help promote and advertise for businesses on social media in return for business experience and volunteer hours. The students' capabilities can range from posting a simple story on Instagram to helping optimize business social media accounts. The majority of the students will work virtually with the business owners.

Offering unique deals on products, which students later work to promote, is what will help the business most.

"Our students will work with businesses to see what deals would be attractive and easily engaging. Offering unique deals on products, which students later work to promote, is what will help the business most," shared Kavin. "Of course, if the business were to offer a standardized deal that most people would have already known about, we could still move forward. However, by offering a truly special deal for this initiative, we can attract customers much more easily."

"We hope that you are interested in working with us and see the value in our student database, as well as what we have to offer to you!" shared Kavin.

Through an Instagram account and word of mouth, ReachYou continues to line up a team of student volunteers. "We hope that our business community sees th e value in the services we are offering and hope to make a lasting impact on the Frisco business community!"

Kavin reinforced the value of a unique promotion, exclusive to ReachYou, which will also help the business owner track the success of student promotion.

student photo

"The truth is, special promotions work phenomenally to catch a viewer's attention."

Do you want to learn more about what these students can offer? Please fill out the interest form by clicking the button below to get more information. You will then be contacted by a student volunteer.

I think you'll agree...our future looks pretty bright!

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