It’s All About the People!

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As 2018 draws to a close and we look forward to what 2019 will bring, we naturally turn our minds once again to recall all that has transpired over the last year….and what a year it has been!   We now know that the PGA is really coming to Frisco, everyone else knows that Frisco really is the best place in the world to live, business is booming, more sports teams call Frisco home than ever before and so much more! Within the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, things have also been growing and going to new heights with increased advocacy efforts on a regional and state level, membership at record numbers, a new innovative leadership exchange event, and marketing/communication efforts spanning across the country. Yes, 2018 has seen an amazing number of changes and improvements across the community and at the Frisco Chamber, and the physical landscape of both entities is changing by the day and yet….some things don’t change! The one constant in all of this is the people that make all the rest happen!  Frisco has always been a community of leaders and pioneers…people that did not say “that can’t be done”, but rather people that have said, “how can we get this done?” It was a Frisco resident and golf enthusiast that had an idea that eventually led to the PGA relocating to Frisco.  It was a Frisco landowner who wanted to make a lasting impact on the landscape of Frisco and assembled 2,400 acres into one development that will now be a legacy for years to come. It is also the people at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce that make things happen here…from our wonderful staff to our volunteers, to our board members!   This organization is all about people…..people who care about each other, about the community, and about doing good and creating a better future. Within the Chamber team, we have seen a great deal of change this year with several people moving on to new opportunities, and I want to thank each of them for their contributions to the Chamber and our community.   With those changes in mind, we are in the process of adding new people to the team to take us into the next year! Things are good here in Frisco...but the people in Frisco and at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce are great!

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