In the News: Rail District Revitalization

Written by Arianna Morrison | Star Local Media Contributor for Frisco Enterprise, June 13, 2024

On June 7, the city of Frisco broke ground on its Rail District redevelopment project with a focus on street improvements and the development of a new plaza.

The project, which came about as part of the Downtown Master Plan Update approved in 2018, seeks to enhance pedestrian friendliness through improvements to Elm Street, Main Street, the creation of a 4th Street Plaza, and the construction of a new parking garage. As the project progresses, it promises to help reshape the business landscape of Frisco’s Rail District, presenting a period of transition for local business owners.

Frisco Community, Businesses Brace for Downtown Transformation

“Early in the discussions about the Rail District redevelopment, our Frisco Chamber team began to brainstorm ways to support the 70-plus businesses that call the Rail District home during the construction phase,” Christal Howard said. “We have worked closely with community partners to inform the business community of essential updates. To ensure clear communication, our team has gone door-to-door to speak with Rail District merchants and verify their contact information for timely future updates. In addition, during our recent Development Summit, we invited the City of Frisco to update our area businesses on the upcoming construction plans.”

A Win for the Entire City!

Howard said this redevelopment project is more than just for the Rail District, it’s for the entire city.

“It benefits everyone,” Howard said. “From residents’ enjoyment to attracting visitors who will also visit other parts of the city, to attracting companies and retaining employees in Frisco.”

Support to the businesses affected by construction is also being found through the newly formed Frisco Chamber Foundation and from members of the community who Howard is rallying to shop and dine in the area during the construction.

“In true Frisco fashion, we are confident that our entire community will show unwavering support for the Rail District businesses and won’t wait until construction is over,” Howard said. “Instead, we will step up to support the Rail District businesses during the construction process and reap the benefits together as a community.”

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