In the News: In the midst of COVID-19, Frisco took ‘conservative’ eye to 2020-21 budget

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Tony Felker, President/CEO of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce weighs in on sales tax revenue in a Community Impact Frisco article titled "In the midst of COVID-19, Frisco took 'conservative' eye to 2020-21 budget." Read the entire article here. Even though sales tax revenue has been down in four of the last five months compared to the same months in 2019, Tony Felker, Frisco Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, said he believes the economic downturn the city has seen during the pandemic will be a “small blip” for Frisco. “For Frisco, retail works very well as being a core part of its economy, both from the city’s perspective and the overall business community,” he said. “At the same time, Frisco is also remaining committed to being diversified in different areas and not having all of our eggs just in the retail/sales tax basket.”

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