Happy National Intern Day

It's a Win-Win Situation!

Today is National Intern Day. Over the past seven years at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous interns. These interns have learned from our entire staff by attending meetings and events, interacting with the business community, and working on projects of all sizes. And we have learned from our interns too! They’ve brought fresh perspectives, new processes, and renewed energy. We’ve had the pleasure of following our interns through college, and it’s rewarding to see them start careers and to know that we played a role in their growth.

So, to celebrate this day, I would encourage you to consider hiring an intern; you’ll be glad you did. Learn about that first step at the end of the article! 

A Changing Workforce

The importance of continual learning and adaptation cannot be understated in a rapidly evolving workforce. Today, we explore one avenue that often goes overlooked: the profound impact of hosting interns on your business.

Interns bring a unique combination of fresh perspectives, digital savviness, and an eagerness to learn that can energize your entire company. They’re not just students but young professionals who offer innovative ideas to help your business stay abreast with the latest trends and technologies. Hosting interns allows your business to tap into the newest ideas from academia and the market, leveraging them to invigorate your company’s strategic approach.

Beyond the infusion of fresh ideas, internships offer a low-risk opportunity for businesses to identify and groom potential future employees. By hosting interns, your business effectively sets up an extended interview process, allowing both parties to assess compatibility. This can lead to more successful, longer-term hires, who, thanks to their intern experience, can hit the ground running.

But the benefits are not just one-sided. Hosting interns also contributes significantly to the broader community. By providing practical experience to emerging professionals, your business plays a vital role in shaping their careers. You’re also building your company’s brand, not just as a successful business, but as a responsible and supportive community member committed to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Hosting interns can also encourage a culture of learning and mentorship within your company. Employees serving as mentors often report improved leadership skills, enhanced job satisfaction, and renewed enthusiasm for their work. This mentoring culture can promote a sense of teamwork and unity among staff, reinforcing the company’s values and objectives.

In summary, while the primary intent of internships might be educational for the intern, the benefits to your business are numerous. Hosting interns can invigorate your strategic approach, improve hiring outcomes, enrich your company culture, and boost your community standing. This investment in the future brings rewards that are as profound as they are beneficial.

To Pay or Not to Pay

This question comes up often! If the intern is in high school and interning as part of a class, you will most likely not pay the intern.

But for all others, paying your interns is not just a matter of fairness but a valuable investment in your company’s future. Compensation signifies a level of respect for the intern’s time, effort, and contribution to the organization, which can lead to a higher degree of motivation and commitment. When paid, interns’re more likely to view their internship as a real job rather than just an educational experience. This sense of responsibility often results in better quality work and increased productivity. Additionally, offering paid internships broadens the pool of candidates, allowing for greater diversity and inclusion by providing opportunities to those who may not have the financial means to accept unpaid positions. Ultimately, paid internships are a win-win, benefiting both the intern and the company.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full internship, consider other options, such as being a mentor or participating in job shadowing opportunities that some of our districts offer. Where can you find that information? Right here at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

Check Out Our Database

Ready to take that first step in working with college or high school students? Help students find you on our two newly revised databases for Internships and Mentors.

And when sharing about our future workforce, I always like to say, the future looks pretty bright!

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