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Two major local issues will appear on the November ballot on November 6, 2018.  The Frisco Chamber of Commerce has taken a position of support for both of them.  The first is the Frisco ISD TRE and Bond Proposal.  This will appear on the ballot as two separate propositions - A & B.  The first, Proposition A, will increase the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) portion of the tax rate by $0.13 to help provide smaller classrooms, more student programming such as the International Baccalaureate program, STEM, and CTE center classes, increased competitive teacher salaries, and staffing for new campuses.  HOWEVER, to offset this increase to the taxpayer, the FISD Board of Trustees will also DECREASE the debt service portion of the tax rate (I&S) by $0.15 for a net result of a $0.02 DECREASE on the tax rate.  This is possible because we have been able to slow down in building schools and pay off debt. The second, Proposition B, is a $691 million bond for capital projects including a new high school, two middle schools, and land for future schools as our student population continues to grow around 2,000 students each year.  It will also include bringing some of our older, aging campuses up to date so that they are more energy efficient and comparable to our newer schools.  The bond also includes the possibility of an expansion to our CTE career center and a fine arts auditorium that will hold larger audiences for all of our schools to enjoy concerts, theatrical performances, and competitions. As Frisco ISD is the number one influence in why the majority of residents chose Frisco and Frisco ISD is the major source of future workforce development, our local business community understands the importance of keeping our schools the best they can be.  In light of this, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce urges all of our residents and especially our business community to help support both Propositions A and B. If you live in Collin County, you have another issue to consider on the ballot.  Collin County residents have been asked to consider a transportation bond for $750 million that will help fund both Limited Access Roads (LARS) such as Highway 380 (which we can all agree is a mess) and the outer loop that will create another freeway system, five miles north of Highway 380 and to the eastern portion of the county.  The bond will also provide monies for improving and widening arterial roads (major roads that move in between cities).  Transportation infrastructure is already behind in the North Texas region and it is time to get people moving; our business community depends on people being able to move about the region and transport goods efficiently.  It is also important to note that this bond proposition does not raise the tax rate for Collin County residents. So there you have it.  TWO issues where we can see funds support projects in our school district and our transportation needs WITHOUT raising the tax rate.  The Frisco Chamber of Commerce urges you to vote YES on both Frisco ISD propositions and on the Collin County Transportation Bond.  We hope to see you at the polls!

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