Recovery Resources: Collin Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Offers Seminars in HR, Marketing, Restaurants, Retail, and More

Small business, start-up, new normal and lockdown

The Collin Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is offering no cost seminars to help your business better compete, advance, recover, elevate, and succeed.  Visit Collin SBDC for descriptions and registration information.

Human Resources




6 Step Process to Successful Food and Beverage Business Management – 2/4/21


The Importance of Measuring Your Data & Using A Sales Forecasting / Merchandise Planning Tool – 1/27/21


Manage Metrics to Grow Your Business – 2/16/21

Building Sales, Loyalty and Trust – Consultative Sales – 1/26/21

Finding a Niche and Pricing for It – 2/11/21

Selling in a Post COVID World – 1/19/21

Online Strategies

Learn more about the CARES Team of recovery experts. Seminars will be recorded live and available on the Collin SBDC YouTube channel in January/February 2021. Visit Collin SBDC for more information.

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