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About Leadership Frisco

The purpose is to develop a pool of qualified, highly motivated individuals who are interested in expanding their leadership skills, deepening their sense of civic responsibility, and becoming more involved in the community as a whole.

Leadership Frisco™  is a nine-month community leadership program sponsored by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Each class starts with a team-building day and includes a full day each month dedicated to exploring the inner workings of Frisco’s government, educational system, economic development, service organizations, regional issues, leisure and culture, health services, and public safety. Members will also have the opportunity to learn about and practice skills critical to working with volunteers and groups in the community. Members of the program will also select and complete a class project during their year that benefits Frisco.

How to Apply

Leadership Frisco application for the 2024/2025 program year (Class XVIII) is now open! Applications are due no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 20, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted. Before applying, please read the application instructions throughly. We recommend writing the essay questions listed in the instructions in your favorite word processing software and copying and pasting into the application. Please plan for the application to take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Reasons to Participate

Class members work in groups to complete a community service project. This requires everyone to practice project management skills, learn traits of effective teamwork, assess their individual strengths and weaknesses and use organizational and problem-solving skills.

Class members interact with one another and with instructors, facilitators, and speakers, increasing their network and making valuable connections with people from a variety of backgrounds and industries within our community.

Class members are exposed to a wide variety of perspectives about the community. Each class session focuses on a different topic, ranging from business ethics and nonprofits to diversity and education. This helps them understand our community better and the resources available, which contributes to job performance.

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Leadership Frisco Class XXVIII Tentative Dates (2024/2025)

07/16/2024 Meet & Greet (Evening)

09/06/2024 Kick-Off (Day/Evening)

09/07/2024 Ropes Course (All Day)

10/04/2024 Social Services Day

11/08/2024 Economic Development Day

12/06/2024 Education Day

01/10/2025 Health Services Day

1/28/2025 Capitol Day in Austin

02/07/2025 City Government Day

03/07/2025 Public Safety Day

04/04/2025 Infrastructure & Servant Leadership Day

04/25/2025 Bad Weather Make-Up Day

05/09/2025 Leisure and Culture Day

05/09/2025 Graduation

Watch Our 25-Year Video

Leadership Frisco Alumni and Class Projects

Leadership Frisco is proudly celebrating its 25th class in 2021/2022.  In the past 27 years, we’ve graduated over 500 leaders! Many have gone on to serve (or are still serving) in Frisco and beyond. Meet the individuals that have graduated INTO leadership and see the legacy each class has left behind. 

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